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We, TeeVeeHire E-Commerce Services, are pioneer service provider in Human Resources and other associated service management platform, by integrating IT applications. From the years of market study, we have finally developed an innovative app that provides a complete solution for all your business needs. The founder promoter of the TeeVeeHire ECommerce Services is a Chartered Engineer (IEI) and PMI-USA Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by profession.He is also a recognized as consultant from SCE-KSA and a Verteran Consultant having professional experience more than 27 years in the EPC Project Management Segment.
It has been an advantage for the firm, to have an experienced promoter who had learned nuances of the mismatch between the industry and homely requirements, which are inconsistent and non-availabilities, in various fields. During the first phase, the app will be launched in Kerala and will be expanded in future successively to the rest of the world. Languages supported in the initial version are English and Malayalam. The main advantage of the app is that it can be downloaded and utilized from anywhere in the world using mobile or emails.


We are the service provider that bridges the gap in the demand and supply factors in the manpower and construction industry and domestic requirements. This app would create a revolution in the fulfillment of various business needs. The app has multi language support, runs on any platform, and has Cloud Storage Backup Service. The company is planning to have a separate marketing wing to ensure the reach to all the service

Complete HR Solutions

Employee/Manpower Management, Payrolls, Training and Education. Employers and Jobseekers/ Contractual Workers/Employees can subscribe and register for their services. UID codes will be issued for all subscribers & Users. This virtual ID is the proof of their competency and confirmation that they are technically evaluated by TeeVeeHire technical team. OR code scanning enables the client to confirm the authenticity if the service rep personnel identity. The main Service entities are as under:

o   Addition of Workers/Organizations in database - Using E-mail ID/Mobile.
o   Manpower Search with Photo, Location, OR Code & Virtual ID.
o   Users & Service Provider can rate the workers and vice-versa. and the same will be shown in workers' search reports.
o   Immediate feedback about works undertaken. Real-time status view of the assigned jobs.

Projects Services

Project Managers, Contractors and Interior Designers etc. can subscribe and register for their professional services. In addition, Management and Deletion of projects undertaken is possible in the app. Blueprint view of project, estimated cost and quotations, cost wise breakups, minute detailing of project completion process etc. are made possible. This service is highly useful to get immediate quotations for house and other building constructions including roads and bridges. Provisions are made for different measurement units, which are normally used. This is aimed to use for government bodies with perfect confidential bidding process using system generated passwords. There is a provision of part by part quotation request enabling the partial step by step jobs of construction, such as excavation, bollard works, brick works, plastering, interior decorations, carpentry, landscaping & gardening, etc.

Rental Services

Subscribers can register and lease their Assets, Vehicles, Construction Tools (electrical, mechanical, civil, instrumentation, communications, etc.) and Movable Equipments for the needy ones. Location based availability of rental services and the live tracking of rented items are possible. Full status of all the items will be lively available to the registered owners.

Training Services

Both trainers, educationalists and training outsourcers can register their services and get the things done at the optimum rates. Live view of Training Program, Training Feedback, Best Trainers, and Training Certifications etc. is all conglomerated under a single app. TeeVeeHire has planned Tie-ups are planned with many technical skill development centers in different areas, where the required trainings will be done as crash course. The final competency evaluation will be done by TeeveeHire.


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